Type of nuts used in plumbing system

  • Castle Nuts – Castle nuts looks like a top of a castle, therefore the name castle nut. This slot features slots cut on the top of it. These nuts are also known as slotted nuts. To prevent loosening, castle nut is used with cotter pins. This nut is used in low-torque applications such as fixing a ball bearing at its place. When burst water pipe denver co occcurs, these nuts are used for its treatment from drain cleaning companies in denver and recduce the sewer lining cost.
  • Flange serrated nuts – As the name suggests, the flange nuts feature a wide flange at the top of them which acts as an integrated washer and does not spin or move from its place. This flange helps in the distribution of pressure of the nut over a wide area and it creates a locking action to avoid the loosening of the nut.
  • Hex jam nuts – Hex jam nuts are often used when we have to lock a nut at its place without the need of clamping it with another object. Hex jam nuts are hexagonal in shape and have thread internally.
  • Hex finish nuts – These nuts are used to fasten to a socket cap screw or bolt, hex cap screw. These are the most commonly used nuts and they are hexagonal in shape and have thread internally. Hex finish nuts are thicker than the hex jam nuts.
  • Hex Machine nuts – These machine nuts are hexagonal in shape and consist of internal threads. These nuts are smaller than the hex jam nuts and hex finish nuts and these are used with machine screws having diameter ¼’’ diameter.
  • Keps-K lock nuts – The other names of keps-k lock nuts are k-nut, keps nut, or washer nut. A keps-k lock nut features a washer that is allowed to freely spin. Keps lock nuts are designed so that the assembly could become more convenien
  • Nylon Hex Jams Nuts – A low-profile lock nut is also a hexagonal-shaped nut with threads internally and nylon inserted it. The nylon material prevents the loosening of the nut from the vibration.
  • Nylon Insert Lock Nuts – Just like nylon hex jam nuts, nylon insert lock nuts are also hexagonal in shape and have threads internally with nylon inserted in them. The nylon material prevents the loosening of nuts from the vibrations.
  • Wing Nuts – Wingnuts are simply threaded nuts with having wings-like structure on both of their sides which allows the nut for installation and manual turning.

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