My Little Pony Custom "Canterlot Wedding" Nesting Dolls! Queen Chrysalis MLP Toy Surprise Episode

My Little Pony Custom «Canterlot Wedding» Nesting Dolls! Queen Chrysalis MLP Toy Surprise Episode

Опубликовано: 15 июн. 2016 г.MLP My Little Pony Custom Wedding Nesting Dolls! Queen Chrysalis, My Little Pony Toy Surprise Kids Toys Episode:

Today we have 5 MLP My Little Pony «Canterlot Wedding» Nesting Dolls filled with loads of My Little Pony Toys and surprises! We have a Princess Fluttery Heart nesting doll, a Princess Twilight Sparkle nesting doll, a Princess Cadance nesting doll, a Shining Armor nesting doll and popular MLP villain, Queen Chrysalis giant nesting doll! The toys and surprises included in this MLP video are: MLP My Little Pony series 3 and series 4 fash'ems, My Little Pony series 2 and series 3 squishy pops, My Little Pony series 2 dog tags, My Little Pony wave 14 and My Little Pony wave 15 blind bags, My Little Pony Micro comic series 3 MLP pack, My Little Pony Funko Mystery minis, My Little Pony Through the Mirror Princess Celestia Toy figure, My Little Pony Kinder surprise chocolate egg and toy figures, My Little Pony surprise sweets toy egg, My Little Pony MyMoji toy figure and many more!

Queen Chrysalis is a female changeling and the main antagonist of the season two finale and the Friendship is Magic IDW comics' first four-issue story arc. She is the queen of the changelings and a shapeshifter who appears as Princess Cadance in order to hypnotize her fiancé Shining Armor, invade Canterlot, and eventually take over Equestria. After Chrysalis and her subjects are expelled from Canterlot, she kidnaps the Cutie Mark Crusaders in The Return of Queen Chrysalis in order to lure the Mane Six to her so she can absorb Twilight Sparkle's magic with the power of the Secretariat Comet.
A Canterlot Wedding — Part 1 is the twenty-fifth episode of the second season of #MyLittlePony Friendship is Magic and the fifty-first overall. It is the first half of a two-part season finale. Twilight Sparkle grapples with her conflicted feelings when she finds out her brother, Shining Armor, is marrying Princess Celestia's niece, Princess Cadance. Twilight also begins to suspect that Cadance has changed since their childhood.
A #CanterlotWedding — Part 2 is the twenty-sixth episode of the second season of #MyLittlePonyFriendshipisMagic and the fifty-second episode overall. It is the second episode in a two-part season finale. Shining Armor and Princess Cadance are set to be married, but #QueenChrysalis has a devious plan to ruin #ShiningArmor happily ever after and the future of #Equestria.
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My Little Pony is a toy developed by #Hasbro and they each have unique characteristics such as the «cutie marks» on their bodies. This branch of toys is directed toward little girls. My Little Pony is also from a show on Disney channel, «My Little Pony Tales». My Little Pony in different languages: Мой Маленький Пони, 私の小さなポニー, 我的小馬駒, Mi Pequeño Pony, Kuv me ntsis nees me, Mon Petit Poney, Meu Pequeno Pônei, My Little faras yar. Twilight Sparkle is my favorite My Little Pony, which pony is your favorite? Is it Princess Cadance? Or Princess #FlurryHeart? Or Shining Armor? Or Even Queen Chrysalis? Let me know! :)

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