Peppa Pig The Little Mermaid Finger Family Song - Peppa Pig Cartoon Nursery Rhymes Songs for Kids

Peppa Pig The Little Mermaid Finger Family Song — Peppa Pig Cartoon Nursery Rhymes Songs for Kids

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Peppa and friends are having fun then 3 sharks have suddenly appeared. Three sharks only intend to make friend and have fun with Peppa and her friends, but with the shape and creepy smile, 3 sharks did Peppa and friends panicked and fled. Three sharks are very sad and cried. As for Peppa, she just tried to ran away from three sharks and had accidentally met Prince Pedro. Peppa loved Pedro in the first sight but then suddenly the sky appeared the meteorites halo. Pedro jumped into the sea to avoid the meteors, but he can not swim. Peppa Mermaid rescued Prince Pedro and give him genie bottle which can temporarily turn him into a mermaid. Pedro was delighted because of escaping meteors and get more new friends. While they are playing, the Black Mermaid suddenly appeared. She also loved Pedro from the first look but want to possess him. Black Mermaid has used dark magic to turn friends into the sea urchin and locked Prince Pedro with Peppa. George survivors ran to the palace to tell Daddy congenital Mermaid — naga's marine waters. He immediately summoned holy trident and find a way to rescue Peppa and friends. Along the way, Daddy Mermaid turned Peppa friends back to normal and together to the cave of Black Mermaid. Before Daddy Mermaid and Peppa's friends, Black Mermaid has revealed that she is Ursula octopus. Her black magic has shocked the whole country, but the last one Daddy Mermaid has turned her became a horn snail. Peppa and Prince Pedro was rescued. But while the prince was brought back home, Peppa and Prince have realized the love of both, both broke down in tears because they can not be together. Before that situation, Daddy had used holy trident to turn Peppa Mermaid became a humn .From there, Peppa and Pedro live happily together forever.

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