Sofia the First - Moment to Shine

Sofia the First — Moment to Shine

Опубликовано: 6 авг. 2015 г.Sofia the First — Moment to Shine
«S03E01 Cool Hand Fluke»


The show is just about to start
And now you got to move
You know you've got to do your part
And get into the groove

And when you've had your moment
Don't be sad because it's over
Just shine the spotlight on the next performer

It's your moment to shine

And you're gonna ace it

Your moment to shine
So you better embrace it

I know you're gonna be just fine
This is your moment to shine

I used to think I had to be
The star of the show
But the show's much better when we all take a turn
And now I know

Now we know that it's our moment to shine
And we're gonna ace it
Our moment to shine
So we better embrace it

We're friends till the end of time
We leave no one behind
We're gonna be just fine

This is our moment to shine!

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