TuTiTu Specials | Birthday Party | Toys and Songs for Children

    TuTiTu Specials | Birthday Party | Toys and Songs for Children

    Опубликовано: 13 мая 2015 г.The TuTiTu Toys and Songs Specials series combines everyone's favorite toy videos with their matching songs. This way you and
    your toddler can learn as well as sing along!
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    In this episode: TuTiTu creates the children's' «Birthday Party» essentials! A birthday cake, an ice cream machine, some chocolate bars and a pop-put clown toy! Each toy is followed by Original sing-along song that will delight toddlers while teaching new vocabulary words. Learn while having fun!

    Production & Animation: Twist Animation Ltd.
    Production Designers: Tal Gamliel, Yossi Dahan
    TuTiTu'S Theme Song: Lyrics: Sarit Ido Schechter, Music: Sarit Ido Schechter and Tal Gamliel,
    Musical Arrangement: Uri Kariv
    Vocals: Yael Shoshana Cohen
    Sound engineering: Gil Landau
    Original Songs — music, lyrics, vocals, production and recording by: Yael Shoshana Cohen And Gil Landau.

    Category: Specials, Birthdays

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