Ad Noiseam Podcast #4: Machinecode

Ad Noiseam Podcast #4: Machinecode

Опубликовано: 31 окт. 2014 г.The 4th episode of Ad Noiseam's podcast series was prepared by Machinecode a few weeks after they finished recording their «Samurai» album, which is coming out on Ad Noiseam in November 2014.
Machinecode is a project of Current Value and Dean Rodell, in which they go beyond the boundaries of their usual styles and combine sharp drum'n'bass, heavy dubstep and innovative electronica.

All tracks written by Machinecode.

1. Its Time (taken from «Samurai»)
2. Gattling (taken from «Samurai»)
3. A Thousand Tales (taken from «Stems»)
4. City Light (taken from «Samurai»)
5. Ready (taken from «Velocity»)
6. Samurai (taken from «Samurai»)
7. Canticle (taken from «Environments»)
8. In The Shell (taken from «Environments»)
9. Drunken Master (taken from «Velocity»)
10. Scanners (taken from «Velocity»)
11. Others (taken from «Velocity»)
12. Vessel (taken from «2nd Nature»)
13. Audio Assault (taken from «2nd Nature»)
14. Machine Freak (taken from «Environments»)
15. Mining (taken from «Samurai»)
16. Existence (vip) (taken from «Environments»)

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