Alex Paterson and Sherman - Thursday Tea Time on Groovetech Radio (2002-07-11)

Alex Paterson and Sherman — Thursday Tea Time on Groovetech Radio (2002-07-11)

Опубликовано: 15 мая 2015 г.Alex Paterson and Sherman on Groovetech Radio in 2002

Thursday Tea Time Show

Paterson had worked as a roadie for Killing Joke during the '80s, and began to be influenced by the explosion of Chicago house music in England during the mid-to-late-'80s. He joined the A&R department of E.G. Records Ltd. Records — the home of Brian Eno himself — and first recorded as the Orb with Jimmy Cauty. The duo's first release as the Orb, the failed acid-house anthem «Tripping on Sunshine», appeared on the 1988 compilation album Eternity Project One.

Alex Paterson and Jimmy Cauty had been recording an album during the turn of 1989-90, but the two split in April 1990 — a result of Paterson's fear that the Orb had become known more as a KLF, The side-project than an original act. Cauty stripped Paterson's contribution to the recordings and released the eponymous album — credited simply as Space — later that year.

The Orb released several albums trough the '90s, including The Orb's Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld, Aubrey Mixes: The Ultraworld Excursions (which were only available for one day but still managed to place in the Top 50) and Orblivion.

These sets were were originally streamed in real media in the early days of online streaming radio. Unfortunately, you'll have to excuse the poor quality.

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