Alien Rain and Time Slips

Alien Rain and Time Slips

Опубликовано: 20 нояб. 2013 г.This week, we start with Linda Moulton Howe's stunning interview of a scientist in England who is studying the mysterious living cells from the Kerala red rain that fell five years ago--AND AGAIN THIS JULY. Then Starfire Tor and Brandon Scott join Whitley and Anne Strieber to discuss the Strieber's recent, carefully documented time slips. Stunner of a show.

A time slip is an alleged paranormal phenomenon in which a person, or group of people, travel through time via unknown means. As with all paranormal phenomena, the objective reality of such experiences is disputed.

Ghosts of Versailles

One of the best-known, and earliest, examples of a time slip was reported by two English women, Charlotte Anne Moberly (16 September 1846 — 7 May 1937) and Eleanor Jourdain (1863--1924), the principal and vice-principal of St Hugh's College, Oxford, who claimed they slipped back in time in the gardens of the Petit Trianon at Versailles from the summer of 1901 to the period of the French Revolution.

The Vanishing Hotel

A widely-publicised case from October 1979, described in the ITV television series Strange But True?, concerned the Simpsons and the Gisbys, two English married couples driving through France en route to a holiday in Spain. They claimed to have stayed overnight at a curiously old-fashioned hotel and decided to break their return journey at the same hotel but were unable to find it. Photographs taken during their stay were missing, even from the negative strips when the pictures were developed.

Other cases

More recent reports include a series of accounts of apparent time slips in the area of Bold Street, Liverpool from the 1990s to the present day. Andrew MacKenzie, of the Society for Psychical Research, investigated several British cases, including an experience in which three naval cadets appeared to travel back in time to Kersey in Suffolk at a time when it was a medieval plague village, and one in which a Scottish woman experienced the aftermath of the Dark Age Battle of Nechtanesmere in 685 AD. Sir Victor Goddard claimed to have seen, in 1935, the Drem, Scotland airfield as it would be in 1939.

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