All Them Witches - Our Mother Electricity (2012) (Full Album)

All Them Witches — Our Mother Electricity (2012) (Full Album)

Опубликовано: 7 апр. 2014 г.All Them Witches earn immediate distinction for being the first American band signed to German heavy psych purveyors Elektrohasch Schallplatten. Endorsement from the label of Colour Haze guitarist/vocalist Stefan Koglek, which has released albums from My Sleeping Karma, Sungrazer, Rotor, Been Obscene and The Machine — essentially casting the blueprint by which a goodly portion of the up and coming European scene is built — goes a long way in my book, and the feat is even more impressive when one considers that the Nashville four-piece's debut full-length, Our Mother Electricity sounds so distinctly American. They're not the first to use the wordplay, but in calling their approach «psychedelta rock,» neither are All Them Witches inaccurate. Swampy blues is definitely a major element in what they do, but along with that and the heavy psych aspect to their sound, there's also a dynamic sense of Americana in the songwriting, taking hold either in the twang of centerpiece «Elk Blood Heart» or the countrified moaning and Skynyrd solo bursting out of closer «Right Hand.»

Our Mother Electricity is a bold, at times stunning, debut, and All Them Witches impress in both their cohesiveness of sound and their obvious drive toward an individual approach. For its intricate balance of influence and for the band's brazen willingness to play in the dirty end of rock and roll, it earns the Elektrohasch logo with which it's stamped.

Amazing debut album from one of my favorite up and coming bands. This is All Them Witches with Our Mother Electricity. Enjoy!

1 Heavy Like A Witch — 0:00
2 The Urn — 5:48
3 Bloodhounds — 9:26
4 Guns — 12:58
5 Elk.Blood.Heart — 17:24
6 Until It Unwinds — 23:16
7 Easy — 31:57
8 Family Song For The Leaving — 36:12
9 Right Hand — 39:57
10. I Can't Even See Myself (Bonus Track) — 45:49

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