Andrew Weatherall - Resident Advisor 470 (01.06.2015)

Andrew Weatherall — Resident Advisor 470 (01.06.2015)

Опубликовано: 1 июн. 2015 г.Tracklist:
Vermont — Elektron (Prins Thomas Version)
Flash Atkins — The Wilderness
Simon Says — Coloritmo
Duncan Gray — I Can't Stand Lorraine (Club Bizarre Remix)
Club Bizarre — Trip To Holy Land
Flash Atkins — Acid House Creator
P.P.F. — Umbilical Cord
Duncan Gray — Churn Again
Vox Low — Something Is Wrong (Boot & Tax Remix)
Boot & Tax — Balkan Youth

«There's plenty of mythology surrounding Andrew Weatherall—Boys Own, Shoom, Primal Scream, the beard and so on. But in a career that's lasted over 30 years, and has presumably included every conceivable high and low, Weatherall has always been about cutting out the bullshit, building a reputation that's beyond reproach.

The short version of the story is that Weatherall established himself as a DJ, producer and journalist during dance music's first wave in the UK; went on to produce and remix acts like Primal Scream, Beth Orton and My Bloody Valentine; formed two influential groups—Two Lone Swordsmen, The Sabres Of Paradise—who were signed to Warp; and, through his work as a DJ, producer and label boss, became a sort of father figure for leftfield dance music in the UK. These days, collaboration is still an important part of Weatherall's artistic makeup. He runs the semi-regular „mid-tempo“ party A Love From Outer Space with Sean Johnston, which takes place at various venues in the UK and Europe. His last album, Ruled By Passion, Destroyed By Lust was written with Timothy J. Fairplay as The Asphodells; together they write dubby, synth-heavy dance tracks in the manner of a band. While Daniel Avery has almost become Weatherall's protégé, the two work from the same studio space in East London and play back-to-back whenever they get the chance.

RA.470 incorporates many of the elements that have made Weatherall so consistently interesting. The tempo is set to a carefully considered chug while rich electronics take flight overhead. The tracks are rooted in house and disco but the spirit of a guitar band never feels far away.»

All credits to Resident Advisor.
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