Ben Lukas Boysen - You'll Miss Us One Day

Ben Lukas Boysen — You'll Miss Us One Day

Опубликовано: 19 окт. 2013 г.Track 4/8, from Gravity (Ad Noiseam adn168).

The title of this track is perfectly chosen, as its mood suggests me the absence of my relatives and my home with the quick rhythm of the song, the pitch alternation of the notes and the huge reverberation.

I kinda felt this when I left my native region and my kins several years ago, after family issues. You miss them, you miss your homeland and feel lost in a new unknown territory. The worst is that you think about home and relatives all the time, and it takes a long moment to fade out. It's obsessing, you always wonder if you made the right choice and if you'll regret it eventually.

I can feel that while listening to You'll Miss Us One Day.

The quick rhythm represents for me the perpetual thought of the past, of what I knew and won't see so soon. A dormant seed deeply planted in your mind.

The different pitches picture the change of mood, going from melancholy, doubt and regret to hope, opportunities and resurgence.

The reverberation translates a loss of landmarks, mixed feelings about your former and your new home. You are physically present in a new location but a part of your spirit is still there in the past.

Finally, the break from 2:27 to 2:33, slowly fading out into the next song, marks the compromise between all your thoughts. You can't forget what made you, who raised you, where you grew up, but you have to live looking forward to the future and build new things on your foundations, no matter what happened, what happens, and will happen. And after all, what prevents yourself from going home every so often ?

More than seven years after I settled down 500 kilometers from my homeland, I found friends and work, love where I live and what I do, and go back sometimes where I come from, not obsessed anymore about the past. But what I still miss are my mountains and the sound of the bells that rang each hour in my village's church.

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