Close Encounters of the Unusual Kind

Close Encounters of the Unusual Kind

Опубликовано: 21 янв. 2016 г.On this episode of Expanded Perspectives the guys talk about how Art Bell is going to retire once again. For the last several weeks 70-year-old radio legend Art Bell has been shot at, twice, by some crazy person who’s bound and determined to force Bell to stop doing his show. The last incident was just a few days ago; Bell was on his way to his studio when shots rang out. Bell was forced to lie in the dirt on his belly until the police showed up. It’s sad to see a radio legend like Art having to give up on his dreams. It was a pleasure for both Kyle and Cam to be re-broadcast on the same network as Art. He will be missed. Next, Kyle brings up an interesting UFO sighting in Longmont, Colorado where a 2-year-old boy pointed to a UFO hovering under 500 feet saying, “Look, Daddy.” The reporting witness was out walking with his son about 8:30 p.m. on March 21, 2015, when the object was first seen. Then Cam talks about a team of eight engineering students from the National University of Singapore have built a personal flying machine, dubbed “Snowstorm”. It could only be demonstrated by flying it indoors, due to Singapore’s legal requirements for personal aerial vehicles. Resembling a giant drone, “Snowstorm” comprises of motors, propellers and landing gears set within a hexagonal frame and can be controlled by the person sitting in it, or remotely. Then Kyle brings up his new love of the Tesla Model S. Unlike a gasoline internal combustion engine with hundreds of moving parts, Tesla electric motors have only one moving piece: the rotor. As a result, Model S acceleration is instantaneous, silent and smooth. Step on the accelerator and in as little as 2.8 seconds Model S is travelling 60 miles per hour, without hesitation, and without a drop of gasoline. Model S is an evolution in automobile engineering. After the break Cam introduces some very strange close encounters with extraterrestrials far different than our normal ideas of what an Alien should look like. Finally, in the last portion of the show Kyle talks about how a filmmaker has released transcripts from his upcoming documentary about Stanley Kubrick recorded just a few days before Kubrick’s death which imply that Stanley admitted filming a fake moon landing and forced his fellow filmmaker to keep the admission hidden from the public for 15 years. The 15 years are up … is the truth about the moon landing up too? Thanks for listening to Expanded Perspectives. Please write and rate the show on iTunes and tell your friends. You can call the show at 817-945-3828 or email the show Have a great week!

Show Notes: A 2 Year Old Boy Pointed out a UFO to his Father Singapore Students Build a Personal Flying Machine Tesla Model S A New Video May Show Stanley Kubrick Admitting Moon Landing Hoax


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