Compa & Ipman - Let Them [BOKA044]

Compa & Ipman — Let Them [BOKA044]

Опубликовано: 24 февр. 2014 г.Buy Direct [Vinyl / Digital / Cassette]:

«Compa returns to Boka Records for a special release, a multi-format single released on Limited edition vinyl; even more limited edition cassette (yes, you read that correctly) and digital.
'Let Them' is the lead track and a rare collaborative production between Compa and Ipman, a raw and spacious piece of music which, like a psychedelic trip needs to be experienced with an emphasis on set and setting, tune in and exit.
The flip 'Earths Orbit' is a tune that pricked up the ears of the Boka gang the first time it was heard, especially as it not only reflects back on the early sound of the label but gives fresh perspective on that sound too, a masterpiece from a producer who can seemingly do no wrong.»

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