Cure for ADHD - 30 min of Breakcore!

Cure for ADHD — 30 min of Breakcore!

Опубликовано: 30 июн. 2012 г.Breakcore mix by Reizoko Cj to help you focus.

00:42 CirnoRHTL
03:10 All your base are belong to ME
06:47 Dark Side
08:57 Lolicore 2.27 (Pu-erh tea edition)
11:27 Use the force Reizoko!
14:14 Hardcore Syndrome
18:02 Rrrrrrr
22:30 Sakamoto Ryoma
24:22 Japan Style Breakcore (Ecchi-chan Remix)
26:51 Jungle Tools
28:47 Dark Side Outro

You can find Reizoko Cj's other awesome stuff on his Bandcamp and SoundCloud pages:


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