Deep Frequencies Vol. 2 (Drum & Bass Studio Mix December 2013)

Deep Frequencies Vol. 2 (Drum & Bass Studio Mix December 2013)

Опубликовано: 2 янв. 2014 г.Keeping it strictly deep and soulful this time around, a hot selection of winter warmers for your listening pleasure...

You can find Deep Frequencies Vol. 1 here:

Downloadable via the following links:

Sub Zero — Brighter Days (PLAYAZ)
Nitri feat Grimm — Lies (HORIZONS)
Calibre & Zero T — What I Feel (SIGNATURE)
DLR — Sleep Talking (SHOGUN)
Paramount — Eaves Drop (INFLUENZA)
Total Science — Searching (FREE)
RoyGreen, Protone & Pennygiles — Selfish Arms (LIQUID V)
Spectrasoul — Hearts (SHOGUN)
Phil Tangent — We Don't Talk Anymore (IM:LTD)
Reza & Arp XP — When You Gone (METALHEADZ)
Foriegn Concept feat. Kasra — Show You (CRITICAL)
Redeyes — Anytime (VANDAL)
Zero Tolerance & Alix Perez — Anyone But You (LIQUID V)
Arp XP — Winter In Sardinia (Calibre Remix) (SUN & BASS)
Reza — Unknown Feelings (METALHEADZ)
Pennygiles — Stories Untold (IM:LTD)
Gerwin — Soul Truth (Bungle Remix) (IM:LTD)
Amaning — Satin Keys (SGN:LTD)
Camo & Crooked — Rehulpuls (HOSPTIAL)
Instra:Mental — Watching You (NON PLUS)
Marcus Intalex ft DRS, — It Aint Easy (SOUL:R)

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