Deep Frequencies Vol. 5 (Drum & Bass Mix October 2014)

    Deep Frequencies Vol. 5 (Drum & Bass Mix October 2014)

    Опубликовано: 17 окт. 2014 г.Volume 5 of Deep Frequencies for yet more deep, dark and atmospheric drum and bass grooves.

    Unfortunately due to copyright issues YouTube have edited out some of the tracks (and made a mess of some of the tracks where they have attempted this), however the full high quality version of this mix can be streamed and/or downloaded via the links shown in the channel description.

    Thanks for listening.

    1hr 21min: 320kbps


    Back To Basics — S.P.Y feat. Diane Charlemagne (HOSPITAL)
    True Romance — D Bridge (METALHEADZ)
    Bring Us Closer — Villem (I:M LTD)
    Coming 4 U — Break (WARM COMMUNICATIONS)
    Old Soul — Mako, DLR & Fields (UTOPIA)
    The Healing Sun — Static (RETROGRADE)
    Leave — LSB (SOUL:R)
    Make Luv 2Night — Eveson (FIZZY BEATS)
    Stories Untold (Nymfo Remix) — Pennygiles (I:M LTD)
    2nd Page (Feat. Steo) — Beta 2 (METALHEADZ)
    Paul T & Edward Oberon — Touch (TILT)
    Down The Lines — Alix Perez (SHOGUN)
    The Republic — Raf & Ill Logic (METALHEADZ)
    Break It All Apart (Ft. Agne Genyte) (Break Remix) — Blu Mar Ten (BMTM)
    Wide Open — Jaybee (PHUZION)
    Bullets Over Brixton — Andy Skopes (FIZZY BEATS)
    Fragmented You (Ft. Milton) — Tokyo Prose (SAMURAI)
    Only 4 U — Villem & Mcleod (CIA DEEP KUT)
    Moon Jungle — Operon (INFLUENZA)
    Nu:Tone — Fly Away (HOSPITAL)
    Away — Frankee (RAM)
    Rotary Motion (Calibre Remix) — Technimatic & LSB (INTEGRAL)
    Feel Me — Total Science (SHOGUN)
    Rainforest — Dreams Repeating (FREE)
    Deranged — Calibre (SOUL:R)
    Rosewood (feat. Christina Tamayo) — Submorphics (SGN:LTD)
    Long Road — Zero T feat. Steo (CIA)

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