DJ Okawari - Diorama - Full Album |HD

DJ Okawari — Diorama — Full Album |HD

Опубликовано: 21 сент. 2013 г.DJ Okawari had made some of the most beautiful music I have ever heard, and I'm surprised that I never looked into him before. I'm very glad to have corrected that mistake and I hope many of you will also enjoy this beautiful music.
I'm uploading this as the full album for to give people a chance to listen to all of his music, finding your favorite songs should not be too hard, and if you really can't find it i'd be very willing to upload it myself.
now, please enjoy!

1- Evening Comes 0:00
2- Chocolate (feat. Agehah) 4:13
3- Bluebird Story (feat. Jumelles) 8:32
4- Ring 11:42
5- Colors of Life 14:56
6- Synchronize 18:19
7- One for U 21:56
8- Aurora (feat. Eri Kamiya) 25:54
9- Coffee Break 30:54
10- Crescent Moon 32:38
11- Tayutau 36:49
12- Silent Night 40:37
13- Animal Forest 44:26
14- Times Fusion 47:57

DJ Okawari;

a link to download all of my background images.

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