Drum and Bass Mix 2016: Best of DnB Workout Mix – Pixl Podcast Ep. 9

Drum and Bass Mix 2016: Best of DnB Workout Mix – Pixl Podcast Ep. 9

Опубликовано: 2 мар. 2016 г.«Drum and Bass Mix 2016: Best of DnB Workout Mix» is a podcast featuring the best drum and bass songs. This mix also serves as a gaming mix and is a good way to listen to DnB without the need to click through several videos. Subscribe to this channel to be updated with new podcasts and the latest and most diversified EDM or electronic dance music releases.

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0:00:07 Rob Gasser – I'm Here ft. The Eden Project [NCS Release]
0:04:00 Feint – We Won't Be Alone ft. Laura Brehm [Monstercat Release]
0:07:50 Virtual Riot – Paper Planes [NCS Release]
0:11:30 Laszlo – Our Arrival [Monstercat Release]
0:14:19 Draper – Joyride [Monstercat Release]
0:18:04 PIXL & Dead Robot – Dream of You [Monstercat Release]
0:22:36 Laszlo – Fall to Light [NCS Release]
0:25:31 Rameses B – Mountains ft. Veela [Monstercat Release]
0:29:33 JIKES – Let's Fly Away Pt. 2 ft. Nori [NCS Release]
0:34:44 Feint – Homebound [Monstercat Release]
0:38:03 Melano – On Fire [Monstercat Release]
0:41:45 Laszlo – Here We Are [NCS Release]
0:45:25 Rameses B – Dream Catcher ft. Charlotte Haining [Monstercat Release]
0:48:55 Cartoon – Why We Lose ft. Coleman Trapp [NCS Release]
0:52:23 Tristam & Braken – Frame of Mind [Monstercat Release]
0:56:25 TwoThirds – Universal [Monstercat Release]
1:00:59 Cartoon – Immortality ft. Kristel Aaslaid (Futuristik Remix) [NCS Release]
1:04:28 Rameses B – We Love [Monstercat Release]
1:08:53 T Sugah x NCT – Stardust ft. Miyoki [NCS Release]
1:13:40 Laszlo – Don't Look Down [NCS Release]
1:17:20 Priority One & TwoThirds – Hunted ft. Jonny Rose [Monstercat Release]
1:21:43 Rootkit – Too Late [Monstercat Release]
1:25:29 Feint – Snake Eyes [Monstercat Release]
1:29:26 Rameses B – Timeless ft. Veela [Monstercat Release]
1:33:19 High Maintenance – Change Your Ways ft. Charlotte Haining [NCS Release]
1:37:20 MitiS & MaHi – Tribute
1:41:23 Feint – One Last Time
1:45:03 Itro – Tidal Waves ft. Kèdo Rebelle
1:48:15 Rameses B – Serenity ft. Charlotte Haining [Monstercat Release]
1:52:09 Electro-Light – The Ways ft. Aloma Steele
1:56:42 TwoThirds – Breathe [Monstercat Release]

Artwork by sheer-madness

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