Early Hardstyle Vs. Hard Trance

    Early Hardstyle Vs. Hard Trance

    Опубликовано: 17 окт. 2013 г.Keep it HARD!!!



    If YOU are the owner of the track or the official label, please send me a private message via youtube to delete the track except of contacting youtube!!
    I will accept your decision and i will delete the track as soon as possible
    I would really appreciate that :)

    1. Kai Tracid- Trance & Acid
    2. Miss Shiva- Dreams 2002 (Cosmic Gate Remix)
    3. Walt & Feliz- Expansion
    4. Hennes & Cold- The Second Trip (Dj Scot Project Mix)
    5. Dj Vortex & Arpa's Dream- Incoming
    6. Hennes & Cold- First Session
    7. Überdruck- Here's Freddy!
    8. Dj Shredda- Chainsaw (The Crow Mix)
    9. Julian Dj & Davide Sonar- Go Go Go
    10. Wallstädt & Dorfler- Syncronized (Überdruck Mix)
    11. Dj Zany- Rock The Beatz
    12. Builder- Bad Manners (Luca Antolini Mix)
    13. Tuneboy- Dirty (Dj Stardust Remix)
    14. MCP & Vandall- On My Mind
    15. Jon The Baptist- Angel (Trance Generators Devil Remix)
    16. Sa.Vee.Oh- Global Anthem
    17. Dana- Back In Time
    18. The Beholder & Balistic feat. Max Enforcer- Nuclear Reaction

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