Emancipator - Dusk to Dawn [full album]

Emancipator — Dusk to Dawn [full album]

Опубликовано: 27 июн. 2013 г.uploading for convenience purposes for all fellow Emancipator fans ^-^ *see more below for tracklist* BY THE WAY, I DID NOT MONETIZE THIS VIDEO, GOOGLE DID. I make no money from this! OH and I emailed Douglas AND his manager to get permission to have this up. So there should be NO complaints in the comment section of any kind. Just enjoy the chills.

Minor Cause — 0:00
Valhalla — 5:17
Merlion — 10:24
Outlaw — 14:30
Dusk to Dawn — 18:07
The Way — 23:33
Afterglow — 28:23
Eve II — 33:55
Natural Cause — 37:09
Galapagos — 42:25

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