Filthcast 020 featuring DJ Hidden

Filthcast 020 featuring DJ Hidden

Опубликовано: 9 янв. 2014 г.Dutch producer DJ Hidden (who also forms one half of the hardcore outfit The Outside Agency with Eye-D) drops the first Filthcast of 2010.
His latest album which was recently voted among 'The Best Album Covers Of 2009' on NPR Music depicts a post-apocalyptic cityscape, overgrown and devoid of life —



Direct Download:

DJ Hidden — The Outsider Looking In
DJ Hidden — Broken Seconds
DJ Hidden — Empty Streets Revisited
I:Gor — Icebreaker (Counterstrike Remix)
Lucio De Rimanez — Nembutal
Lucio De Rimanez — Paper Soldiers
The Outside Agency & Donny — Among Us
DJ Hidden — The Narrators (Eye-D Remix)
Katharsys — Walkin Device
The Outside Agency — The Solution
The Outside Agency & Cooh — Soulkeepers
Current Value & Donny — Discovered
DJ Hidden — The Devil's Instant
SPL & Eye-D — The Perfect Moment
The Outside Agency & SPL — Separate Ways
DJ Hidden — Times Like These VIP
The Outside Agency & Current Value — They're Human
Current Value — Warship
The Outside Agency & Counterstrike — My Friends
The Outside Agency — The Flux Capacitor

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