Filthcast 022 featuring Machine Code

Filthcast 022 featuring Machine Code

Опубликовано: 12 янв. 2014 г.Machine Code is a collaborative effort between Dean Rodell and Current Value. Focused on the quality of musical output rather than a specific genre, Machine Code's Filthcast must be heard to be understood.
Taking it one step further I hooked up with Kmag, read the interview here:



Direct Download:

Machine Code — Circadian
Current Value — Target
Machine Code — Mechanisms
Machine Code — In The Shell (Current Value VIP)
Current Value — Clockwerk
Replicator — Kemikal (Dean Rodell Remix)
Current Value — Warship
Machine Code — Solitude
Machine Code — Untitled
Machine Code — Silicon Base
Current Value — Alpha State
Current Value VS Cooh — Graden
Current Value — Higher Vip
Current Value — Bruja
Current Value — End Of The Tunnel
Current Value — Pace

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