Filthcast 031 featuring Of God

    Filthcast 031 featuring Of God

    Опубликовано: 22 янв. 2014 г.Of God are among Australia's finest. I wanted to do something different, so we recorded & streamed this Filthcast live, gave ourselves a few days to recover from the hangover, and here it is in mp3 format.
    If you missed the stream you can still watch it here —



    Direct Download:

    Tech Itch — The Cleansing Fire
    Of God — Greymarch
    Of God — Obituary
    Forbidden Society — Sad Truth (SPL Remix)
    Current Value feat. Snow — Spell
    Of God — Redemption
    J Switch — Living Hell
    Of God — Dead Phantoms Necro
    Centaspike — Terms of Abuse (Malicious Remix)
    Tech Itch — Blood Moon
    Of God & Su3-ject — Birthright VIP
    Cooh & Current Value — Nafger
    Donny & Counterstike — The Watchers
    Of God — Grieve
    Of God — Glyphic Creation
    Nanotek — Harpoon
    Dying Punks & Current Value — Love All The People
    Nanotek — Zombie Rave

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