Freddy Fresh Vs Krafty Kuts - Groovetech Radio (2001-10-24)

Freddy Fresh Vs Krafty Kuts — Groovetech Radio (2001-10-24)

Опубликовано: 14 мая 2015 г.Freddy Fresh and Krafty Kuts on Groovetech Radio in 2001

Freddy Fresh

Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA on March 29, 1963. Freddy has had quite a far reaching career in both the underground New York Hip-Hop scene and the modern electronic European/USA techno scene.

Founder of the labels Analog Records USA, Analog UK, Boriqua, Butter Beat Records, Electric Music Foundation, Howlin' Records, Socket and a new one started in 2007, Stark Ravin' Records.

Krafty Kuts

Krafty Kuts (real name Martin Reeves) is an English electronic music, dance music and breakbeat producer and DJ.

His first album, Freakshow, was released in 2006 on his Against The Grain label and contains guest artists Tim Deluxe and Ashley Slater from the UK band Freak Power. He had previously released Tricka Technology with his fellow producer and DJ, A Skillz.

These sets were were originally streamed in real media in the early days of online streaming radio. Unfortunately, you'll have to excuse the poor quality.

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