GORE TECH Feat. Jo Roberts - Wolf Note .wmv

GORE TECH Feat. Jo Roberts — Wolf Note .wmv

Дата загрузки: 25 июл. 2011 г.GORE TECH feat Jo Roberts — WOLF NOTE -

Jo Roberts joined me to make this tune, we recorded her cello at Paul Copestake's studio
using Protools then bounced the recorded wavs back on to my flimsy laptop where i snuck off and made this. A wolf tone, or simply a «wolf», is produced when a played note matches the natural resonating frequency of the body of a musical instrument, producing a sustaining sympathetic artificial overtone that amplifies and expands the frequencies of the original note, We happend to record one making this and Jo told me what it was and i knew we had a name :D. Big Thank you to Paul Copestake for Enginering and Recording, Thanks to Jo for your time and talent, Hope you all enjoy

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