Hecq - II

Hecq — II

Опубликовано: 12 февр. 2015 г.Track 2/4, from Mare Nostrum (Hymen Records ¥832).

The base of the work is done, and both Ben and MareNostrum can progress now that they have common words.

The abstract mechanical and electronic parts quickly stay in the background of the track, being overwhelmed by layers of spatial ambient sounds ponctuated every so often by high-pitched cries and deep kicks. The machine has to tell a story, and even if we still don't know how to translate the details, the emotions can be rightly interpreted.

The sounds in II don't lie, we are already at the next level of understanding and communication. The erratic patterns of computer sounds are more and more weak against the distant melodies appearing and disappearing in the track. We are still in a calibration process, guided by the moanings of the computer, but the database to truly understand each other is exponentially increasing, and the emotions strictly computerized have now a human resonance.

However, are we understanding what the computers says or is the computer understanding what we say? Does the machine adapt to humans or does the human turn into a machine ?

Enjoy folks, and if you feel like it, I'd like you to share your sensations too, here in the comments section or on my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/adda.ambient

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This video is uploaded only in a promotional purpose, as I do not own any rights on this music. All rights reserved to Ben Lukas Boysen aka Hecq and Hymen Records.

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