Hecq - III

Hecq — III

Опубликовано: 12 февр. 2015 г.Track 3/4, from Mare Nostrum (Hymen Records ¥832).

The process of creation can truly begin.

The primary electronic sounds are still needed as they guarantee the computer to live and process information, but their presence will shortly leave almost all the aural space to a three-tone melody, sounding like a gate towards an unknown dimension.

The man and the machine start to merge their personal potential to create a new algorithm where human ideas are digitally treated and enhanced, and where successions of 0 and 1 are interpreted with the sensitivity and the experience peculiar to Hecq.

We can clearly hear on one side the influence of MareNostrum, with the random intervention of its mechanic parts directed by the petaflops of information flowing at each second through its digital vessels and pumped by thousands of its Central Processing Units; and on the other side, we recognize the deep input of Hecq's mind into this pool of electronic sounds, who created from a few field recordings emanating from microscopic elements a dense droning part sending us in the endless cosmos, reminding the best hours from Night Falls. The song of the computer brings us in a spaceship warming up, ready to cruise in the endless depths of the universe.

III is without a doubt the climax of Mare Nostrum, a piece of ambiance masterfully crafted that will swept away the last doubts of those who didn't trust one could create music from a computer.

The dialogue is established.

Enjoy folks, and if you feel like it, I'd like you to share your sensations too, here in the comments section or on my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/adda.ambient

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This video is uploaded only in a promotional purpose, as I do not own any rights on this music. All rights reserved to Ben Lukas Boysen aka Hecq and Hymen Records.

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