Henry Wu "Just Negotiate" - Boiler Room Debuts

Henry Wu «Just Negotiate» — Boiler Room Debuts

Опубликовано: 7 февр. 2015 г.→ FOR AUDIO: http://bit.ly/18Xeppy
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South London has become an endless wellspring of creativity. Our very own Bradley Zero continues to make things happen with the vinyl-only debauchery of Rhythm Section, and just around the corner 22a Records are turning their penchant for half-slung beats and soul-flecked rhythms into a full blown movement.

Henry Wu is a member of the latter making steadfast advances with his output. Rewind back to last February's delectable two-tracker for Natural Complexion and the back-to-back Jean Bassa cut for home stable 22a as evidence.

«Just Negotiate» is one of five groove-inducing jams from the Negotiate EP, housed by Alex Nut's HoTep imprint and out on February 16th. Powered by Simeon Jones' lush vocal sways, it teeters gracefully between the crevices of soul and synth-oozing funk. Groove on.

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