John Cage: Thirteen Harmonies (1985)

    John Cage: Thirteen Harmonies (1985)

    Дата загрузки: 20 мар. 2011 г.John Cage (1912-1992): Thirteen Harmonies, for violin and keyboard (1985).
    A selction of 13 out of a total of 44 Harmonies from Apartment House 1776. Roger Zahab made the selection and created a version for violin and keyboard. The selected Harmonies are:

    1. Nr.18 — Old North (William Billings)
    2. Nr.42 — Rapture (Collection Belcher)
    3. Nr.26 — Judea (William Billings)
    4. Nr.21 — Heath (William Billings)
    5. Nr.19 — New York (Andrew Law)
    6. Nr.5 — The Lord Descended (William Billings)
    7. Nr.11 — Wheeler's Point (William Billings)
    8. Nr.14 — Brunswick (James Lyon)
    9. Nr.15 — Bellingham (William Billings)
    10. Nr.28 — Greenwich (Andrew Law)
    11. Nr.35 — Framingham (William Billings)
    12. Nr.38 — The Lord is Ris'n (William Billings)
    13. Nr.44 — Bloomfield (Andrew Law)

    Annelie Gahl, violino
    Klaus Lang, pianoforte elettrico (Fender Rhodes).

    From cd Col Legno:

    Cover image: painting by Blinky Palermo.


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