Keith Tenniswood, Simon Brown & Bass Junkie - GT Radio

Keith Tenniswood, Simon Brown & Bass Junkie — GT Radio

Опубликовано: 9 мая 2015 г.Keith Tenniswood (2 Lone Swordsmen), Simon Brown & Bass Junkie Haywire sessions (GT Radio).

One of many rare sets from the mysterious and highly guarded Archive Vaults from the Groovetech Radio (aka GT Radio) London studios. Little to *no* information regarding these broadcasts (tracklists, etc.) exist that I know of. If anyone can help me out w/ this information please hit me up!

Bass Junkie
(Battle Trax / Breakin / Electrix / Control Tower)

Phil Klein and electro go a long way back. A fan of electro and hip hop since 1982, Phil started Djing in 1986 and began making his own tracks the following year. As Cybernet Systems and Bass Junkie (his project since 1997), Phil has recorded for various imprints such as Touchin Bass, Audio Illusion Recordings and the infamous Control Tower run by Simon 'The Dexorcist' Brown and Radioactive Man, Keith Tenniswood.

Phil has a eagerly anticipated EP ready for 2004 release on Electrix, the dancefloor friendly electro label run by Billy Nasty, and is also signed to the London based Breakin Records run by electropop legend Ed DMX. Not content with releasing tracks on other people's labels, Phil has also run the internationally acclaimed Battle Trax imprint since 1996 and plans to release the debut LP from Kronos Device — a collaboration between himself and The Dexorcist — early this year.

His style is booming bass heavy electro that takes no prisoners; taking its inspiration from soundsystem shattering Miami Bass and also from the masters of old school electro such as Kraftwerk, Juan Atkins and Egyptian Lover. His machine funk skills have earned him invitations to play all over the world, both as a live act and a Dj. He has been the re-mixer of choice for the likes of Man Parrish and Radioactive Man.

Keith Tenniswood (better known as Radioactive Man and to most perhaps best as one half of Two Lone Swordsmen with Andrew Weatherall) is one of those cult status DJ’s – skirting the vanguards of rave culture serving as the UK’s figurehead of Drexcyian born electro. Speak to many a contemporary and they cite R_man as one of their major influences and a producer and DJ doing very much his own thing. Tenniswood was in fact the first UK rep to bring DJ Stingray over to the UK to his infamous Control Tower parties – his fierce 150 bpm militant electro label co-run with Dexorcist and still vehemently carries the flag for that magnificently heavy beat.

Over the years, he’s put many accolades to his name – credited with co-producing with David Holmes the award winning ‘Lets Get Killed’, engineering the live sound for Sabres of Paradise on the Primal Scream UK tour in 96, being among the first to contribute to fabric’s mooted mix series and for Tenniswood it’s still his Swordsmen era album ‘Tiny Reminders’ that is to this day one of his proudest moments.

Live, he’s performed in many stand out situations as Radioactive Man as resident at Bloc festival, regular sessions at London home from home fabric as well as international festival and club dates – a highlight being at Sonar in front of 8000 international music fans before Jeff Mills and Mad Mike. His resilience to stick with a full hardware set up is guarantees that his trademark warmth and personality envelopes the crowd making the best outlet for his raw machine funk sound.

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