Khronos - Pandemonium [NFG013 - Pandemonium EP] FREE DOWNLOAD

Khronos — Pandemonium [NFG013 — Pandemonium EP] FREE DOWNLOAD

Опубликовано: 28 апр. 2015 г.Our new release is coming straight from Sneek, Netherlands, we have been keeping an eye on this young lad ever since he came across our radar with his entry on the BHK Samples production contest with his track Sound Burglar. We are now proud to feature him again on the label with a 4 tracks EP, all killer ni filler.

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Tracklist :
1. Ravager ►
2. Pandemonium ►
3. Rascal
4. Enforcement

— Khronos -
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Artwork by Daniel Muñoz Qhymera

— NeurofunkGrid -
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