L 33 - Stand Down ft. Nuklear [Eatbrain]

L 33 — Stand Down ft. Nuklear [Eatbrain]

Опубликовано: 2 апр. 2016 г.Beatport Exc: 4th April

It began as a whisper, spoken in low tones in multiple languages in the uneasy night. Talk of a place where the greatest of mecha roam, gathering amongst the desolate ruins of a war prepared for and never fought. The first explorers returned with stories of low frequency weapons, harvested from the ruined depths of a subterranean complex. With these re-engineered into towering relays capable of pure sonic carnage, the lands began filling rapidly with pilgrims from distant places, offering themselves as captives to their own higher mental states. What was once a mere whisper has now become legend, with this meeting of the mightiest clans bringing forth the greatest frequency warriors to stake out their claims.

EATBRAIN casts a long shadow across the fray, setting seasoned label veterans L 33 and MINDSCAPE into the hordes of adrenaline-fuelled ravers alongside recent label additions MACHINECODE and AGRESSOR BUNX — all of whom have LPs coming on t he label as well as appearing at the festival. A tight manifesto is stretched across the 4 rowdy and high-energy tracks that make up the EATBRAIN GOES TO LET IT ROLL, with the irresistible audio manipulative skills of Eatbrain crafted to exquisitely tear up the dance. A reflection in sound of the perfect marriage between one of the best contemporary neurofunk labels and one of the most impressive live spaces that exists for drum and bass.

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