LENZMAN 60 min liquid D'n'B mix

LENZMAN 60 min liquid D'n'B mix

Опубликовано: 15 июл. 2014 г.Exclusive mixes every Wednesday. Subscribe.
More Lenzman: http://bit.ly/1r1iNZy
Photo: Riya Hollings http://riyahollings.com

When it comes to the softer side of drum 'n' bass, Lenzman's productions most definitely muster thoughts of words beginning with the letter S: slick, soulful and damn right seductive.

Releasing since 2006, the Dutchman has crafted a host of melancholic wonders ('Bittersweet', 'How Did I Let You Go' and 'Open Page' to name a few) but he doesn't just deal in the sweet stuff. Heavier rollers like 'Wordsworth' and 'Broken Dreams' have also come, showing a healthy appetite to change things up but with one key ingredient always in the recipe — soul.

It's no surprise that he's appeared on some of the most venerable d'n'b labels around then. Spearhead Records, SGN:LTD, Soul:r and Goldie's Metalheadz have all called upon his talents, the latter a home for his forthcoming debut album 'Looking At The Stars'. Again, this LP shows his ability to knock up soothing chillers while moving into harder, heavier ground at times and when Goldie describes you as having «fucking game», you must be doing something right.

Mixmag fully echoes the Metalheadz boss' sentiments and that's exactly why we've recruited Lenzman for this week's In Session on the back of his album launch party at Fabric. As has come to be expected from him (check him in The Lab), this mix is just under an hour of elegant, easy-on-the-ears d'n'b. Expect glistening vocals, deep grooves and delicate piano chords. Oh, did we forget to say there's a few tracks from 'Looking At The Stars' on there too?

'Looking At The Stars' will be released via Metalheadz on June 16

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