m² (squaremeter) "The cry of Morgoth"

m² (squaremeter) «The cry of Morgoth»

Дата загрузки: 21 авг. 2008 г.«The cry of Morgoth» by Squaremeter (m²) (the panacea sideproject) from the War of sound album. All pictures (including the m² stage and backstage portraits in this video — maschinenfest 2006) made by patrick s. including shots in sint-niklaas, holland, belgium, russia, united kingdom, germany. «War of sound» is the ultimate album for nightly lonely drives on highways or late night urban mp3player walking, staring outside the windows of a flight late at night, to play in a darkened house… one of the best, most subtle and intensely mysterious albums in this «genre» ever.

THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL VIDEO, just a collage of images I see when listening to this album. For more info on the panacea and m² (squaremeter) releases and other artists go to www.positionchrome.com or for this particular album go to www.ant-zen.com

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