Metalcast Vol.4 - DJ Hidden (HQ 320 kBit/s)

Metalcast Vol.4 — DJ Hidden (HQ 320 kBit/s)

Опубликовано: 17 мая 2012 г.Free Download:


The 4th Metalcast is made by a Dutch producer Dj Hidden. He is definitely one of the most talented producers in the hard Drum & Bass scene. There was an opinion that he is like Tim Burton of Drum & Bass. His work includes not only production of Drum & Bass, Hardcore and Downtempo but he is also a graphic designer and a webmaster. The project The Outside Agency (Dj Hidden & Eye-D) has started a style, which can be described as a mixture of Drum & Bass and Hardcore, that follow a lot of producers these days. Producers who are signed on FSRECS did Metalcast mixes. It signals that you can expect a collaboration with Forbidden Society at the end of this year or at the beginning of the next year. Enjoy this mix as it is quite special, there are a lot of experimental tracks in it and as always it is a heavy one!

01. Akira Yamaoka — Promise (Reprise / DJ Hidden Edit)
02. Limewax — Funf
03. Current Value — Mothman
04. Nanotek — Meshuggah
05. Peter Kurten — Kill Me
06. Forbidden Society — Afrika
07. Evol Intent — Cruise Control
08. Reso — War Machine
09. Eye-D & DJ Hidden — Battlefield
10. Counterstrike — Mindfuck
11. Forbidden Society & Katharsys — Redeemer
12. Aphex Twin — Come to Daddy
13. Limewax — WoOoOoOh
14. AFX — Isopropophlex
15. Drumcorps — Grist
16. Evol Intent — Raw Bass Material
17. Nanotek — Stalker
18. Mescalinum United — We Have Arrived
19. Dead Phantoms — Void Of Life
20. Drumcorps — Down
21. Igorrr — Cruciform Dachshund


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