mon0 - Träume Vergangener Zeiten

mon0 — Träume Vergangener Zeiten

Дата загрузки: 13 окт. 2011 г.If anyone has any objections to the music or to the video, please, send me a message, and I shall remove them immediately!


mon0 — Träume Vergangener Zeiten

Mon0 — Monolith
Label: Kreislauf — Kreislauf 098
Country: Germany
Released: 06 Feb 2011
Genre: Electronic
Style: Dub Techno, Ambient

Free download:


As mentioned on the main page, this web site will be bilingual. As German is my native language and my English is not that hot, I will write news items about my releases in English, while the category Gedanken/Thoughts will very likely be in German.

But let's start with a few facts about me.

I was born born on the 1st of December, 1976. My home town is Hilden, near Düsseldorf and Cologne.
It all started at the age of 16, when I got my hands on a Technics MKII-1210 for the first time. From this moment, I spent almost all my money on buying vinyl records.
I was lucky and got some gigs, so I performed as DJ in various clubs for a few years.
But then, I fell in love with this girl and gave up my hobby for living together. That was the first hard lesson I have had to learn.
NEVER, NEVER, NEVER EVER give up your hobby for a girlfriend, even if you love her like hell.
The result was that she left me after 2 years and I bit my ass 'cause i sold all my vinyl records.

The years passed, and my activities in regards to music and DJing were very poor.
After a couple of years i started making music with Rebirth — the sound of a 303 is still something I love.
Then I tried Reason 2.5, but — to be honest — I never got to grips with the closed system of Reason.
As I am a huge fan of monolake and Plastikman, I tried Live 3.0 and was very happy with it. The only thing that was missing in Live was VSTI support.
This changed with Version 4.0 of Live. From this point on, all my music has been done with Live 4.0+.
My main focus at the moment is some sort of ambient and moody stuff.

My inspirations and top acts of electronic/ambient music are (in no special order):

Klaus Schulze
Pete Namlook
Steve Roach
Robert Rich
John Serrie
Anthony Rother

I want to thank Bob Moog for creating some of the richest and most unique sounding instruments on this planet. And I want to thank all the people around the world which are creating music by their own hands and share their nicest tracks with our huge community.



Kreislauf recommend and publish electronic music beyond commerce and drawers. The project was founded by Andreas Buttweiler and Thomas Hentrich in 1997 as an Ambient-Club in Mannheim/Germany.

In the year 2000 they started their weekly radio-show «Kreislauf.FM» at the free radio-stadion Bermudafunk in Mannheim and Heidelberg, and since 2004 also at Tide 96.0 in Hamburg.

The Label-Section was founded in 2001 by Dirk Hartmann (label-owner of Hörzu!) and Andreas Buttweiler, and become a netlabel in 2006.

In 2008 they start their digital label Kreislauf Kommerz.

Kreislauf 016 was not released.


Video edited by Hacker


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