Moscow: Clams Casino, YungRussia, より多くの愛, Hyperboloid

Moscow: Clams Casino, YungRussia, より多くの愛, Hyperboloid

Трансляция началась 4 авг. 2016 г.We're back in Russia.

This time round, we're shining a spotlight on the country’s ever growing community of post-internet music producers. Microsoft IE iconography, Tumblr aesthetics, and (most importantly) a free-for-all sample culture predicated on information excess — these are a new generation of genres and artists who have never known a world without the Internet.

As part of this exploration, Boiler Room will be showcasing three of Russia’s most exciting post-internet collectives — YungRussia, より多くの愛 / Rave Russia, and Hyperboloid Records. A series of documentaries telling the story of each collective will be released over the coming weeks, culminating in an enormous live event on August 4th.

Joining Russia's crop of cloud beatmakers is Clams Casino — one of, if not, the elect originators responsible for pioneering and exporting the sound to the world. Clams is fresh from releasing his debut LP '32 Levels' and arrives as a long (long) awaited debutante to our screens. Hype don't cover it.

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