Neurofunk 50 - Spor Special

Neurofunk 50 — Spor Special

Опубликовано: 18 окт. 2013 г.My stream:

The evil mastermind, before he turned into a little green goblin.
Now producing under the name Feed Me, exploring more of his musical side, Jon Gooch is an inspiration for plenty of producers and DJs. But before that, with his technical production he made some of the tightest drum and bass.
Here is some of that.


[►00:00] Spor — Untitled Funk [unreleased]
[►00:22] Spor — Stoppit [Lifted Music]
[►04:25] Spor — Claret's March [Lifted Music]
[►06:37] Spor & Noisia — Falling Through [Vision]
[►09:34] Bad Company — Bullet Time (Spor Remix) [Bad Taste]
[►12:52] The Quemists — Stompbox (Spor Remix) [NINJA TUNE]
[►15:49] Spor — Kingdom [Lifted Music]
[►18:45] Spor — Molehill [Subtitles]
[►22:26] Spor & Phace — Dying of the Light [Lifted Music]
[►25:00] Spor — Supernova [Lifted Music]
[►27:35] Spor & Phace — Out of Focus [Neosignal]
[►31:32] Spor — 103 Degrees [Lifted Music]
[►32:25] Ed Rush — Slip Thru (Spor Remix) [2010]
[►35:18] Evol Intent, Spor& Ewun — Levitate [Lifted Music]
[►37:56] Spor, Ewun, Evol Intent & Apex — Dirge [Lifted Music]
[►40:07] Spor — Ignition [Renegade Hardware]
[►44:10] Spor — Overdue (ft. Tasha Baxter) [Lifted Music]
[►47:29] Spor — Valentine [Subtitles]
[►52:15] Spor — Resolute [Subtitles]
[►55:34] Spor — Kaori [Lifted Music]

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I did not produce the tracks included in the mix, they are owned by the respective artists or record labels. I upload for entertainment purposes. Send me a private message if you have a legal issue with the mix having been uploaded and it will be removed immediately.


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