Oldskool Dark Drum & Bass 1993 mix Track list & DL link included

Oldskool Dark Drum & Bass 1993 mix Track list & DL link included

Дата загрузки: 31 окт. 2011 г.This one should work, grab it while u can… http://www.sendspace.com/file/pjodbp

Ok you win, here's the track list....

Nut-E-1 — Underwater Fireworks/Liqud Affray
Hyper On Experience — Disturbance (Tango Remix)
Chaos & Julia Set — Fear the Future
L Double — That Ruff Track
Intense — The Quickening
Subject 13 — Armageddon Countdown (Blatant Remix)
Intense — White Doctor Groove (Bush Mix)
Bay B Kane — Dark Zone
The Untouchables — Desire '93
Orca — Pure Bliss
Coolhand Flex — Mars
Boogie Times Tribe — The Dark Stranger (Q-Bass Remix)
Rufige Cru — Darkrider (1992)
Hyper-On Experience — Half Stepper
Omni Trio — Renegade Snares (Foul Play Remix)
Bay B Kane — Giant Steps
D.O.P.E. — When I Was Young (Dj easy b & t bags revisited mix)
Chaos & Julia Set — Natural High (Parts 1 & 2)
Emanuel — Internal Mind (1992)
NRG — I Need Your Love (the Mike Ink Remix)
Emanuel — Rattlesnake (1992)
Chaos & Julia Set — Atmosphere (Sub-Base Field Mix)
Coolhand Flex — Jungle
Dj Rap — Rhythm
Sub Love — [Underground EP] she moves
Chaos & Julia Set — Bounce
Johnny Jungle — Flammable (Cloud 9 Mix)

A mix i did afew months back from my 1993 drum n bass collection, includes tunes from Moving Shadow, Reinforced, Suburban Base, Bear necessities, White Horse records, ULR, Rugged Vinyl etc…

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