Panacea | Exclusive Mix | EB.Radio

Panacea | Exclusive Mix | EB.Radio

Опубликовано: 6 сент. 2015 г.After seeing The Panacea's highly divisive Boiler Room set (FYI: we loved it), we knew we had to hit up Mr. Mathis Mootz about a mix. Good timing, too—this comes hot on the heels of his brutal new EP The Panacea Will Never Die. Naturally, his MOTD for us is massive, as befits his place as Germany's chief d'n'b agitator. Here he leads (pulls?) the listener on a gauntlet run through the most brutal extremes of techstep and straight-up skullstep viciousness. Hardest. Mix. Ever.


Boymerang — «Still» (Dom & Optical VIP Mix)
Decoder — «Fog»
In-Sync — «Covert Operations»
Dom & Roland — «Analysis»
John B — «Secrets»
Peshay — «The Nocturnal»
Source Direct — «Call & Response»
Dillinja — «Armoured D»
Source Direct — «Concealed Identity»
Dom, Rob & Goldie — «Distorted Dreams» (Desired State Remix)
Goldie — «Manslaughter» (Rider Proto '96)
Ed Rush & Nico — «Technology» (Boymerang Remix)
Source Direct — «A Made Up Sound»
Rufige Kru — «Dark Metal» (Source Direct Remix)
Twisted Anger — «Woodsnake»
Dom Feat. Current Affairs — «Drones»
Ed Rush — «Mothership»
Future Forces Inc — «Bypass 1»
Optical — «High Tek Dreams»
Digital — Waterhouse Dub
Evol Intent — «The Ladies» (Throwback Mix)
The Hard Way — «Meatstick»
Goldberg Variations b2b Gancher & Ruin — «Dirty Hand Of Gandolf»
The Panacea — «VD Majick» (Counterstrike & The Panacea Remix)
Cooh — «In Flames»
The Limewax — «Arsch Noisyum»
Konflict — «Messiah» (Unreleased C.A.2K. Remix)
Goldberg Variations — «Pressure Of Drop» (Unreleased & Illegal Remix)
The Panacea — «Sohn Der Schwarzen Puppen»
Audio — «Dimensional»
Limewax — «Sk端ll Demo»
The Panacea — «Evolution My Ass»
Audio & The Panacea — «Designed For War»
Goldberg Variations — «Whoopie Of»
The Limewax — «Sausage Tribute»
Cooh & Corrupted Minds — «Trouble Soul»
SPL — «All Over»
Current Value & Coresplittaz Feat. Snow — «Dispelling Fear»
John B — «Electrofreek» (Epic Mix)
The Panacea — «Ryse & Shiiine»

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