Phaeleh - Slumber Session (Ambient Mix)

Phaeleh — Slumber Session (Ambient Mix)

Опубликовано: 10 мар. 2014 г.Slumber Session for ID Mag. Download here:
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This Slumber Session mix gave me a great opportunity to make a playlist of something I would want to listen to when unwinding, or to just fall asleep to. I wanted it to be able to exist in the background, without focus, whilst at the same time having elements of detail and beauty scattered amongst the layers of sound unravelling as the mix progresses.

In some ways you can think of it as a soundtrack to a dream. There are moments of calm flowing smoothly into more abstract sections. Textures build to go from sparse emotive landscapes to darker, brooding moments of tension. I wanted it to be dynamic, taking in a variety of styles and influences, whilst giving the listener a coherent experience and painting some interesting images in their minds.

It also gave me the chance to put in a lot of unreleased tracks of mine. I make a wide variety of styles outside of my normal output, so it was great to have an outlet for some of that material. There are also a lot of field recordings I've made over the last few years throughout the mix, including some from my travels. The opening section of music features the sounds of walks in Sydney and San Francisco, which at the time was just some subconscious grabbing of sound recordings without any kind of artistic purpose — it just sounded cool at the time. It seemed fitting when I realised where the sounds were from, as the mix would have been the perfect playlist for a lot of my sleep deprived travels.

I ended up getting so involved putting together this mix that there's a lot of live tweaks of outboard reverb and delay units layered on certain tracks to try and get the sense of space I wanted to achieve and give the mix some breathing space. I find that ambient music can be incredibly beautiful and achieve the range of emotions other music can. I hope that you enjoy the musical selection and can immerse yourself in it, even with the emphasis away from the hooks and rhythms of traditional electronic dance music.

Phaeleh — Intro
Oneohtrix Point Never — Grief and Repetition
Future Sound of London — Everyone In The World Is Doing Something Without Me
The Flashbulb — My Life Of Loving Ghosts
Victor Gama — Huyra
Global Communication — 4 14
Aphex Twin — Spots
Plaid — Tak3
Four Tet — First Thing
Phaeleh — Untitled
Brian Eno — Stars
Autechre — Notwo
Boards of Canada — Open The Light
Aphex Twin — Z Twig
Brian Eno — 1-1
Leftfield — 21st Century Poem
Steve Reich — Pulses
Paul Giovanni — Willow's Song
Phaeleh — Untitled
Phaeleh — Tides
Autechre — Caliper Remote
Boards of Canada — In The Annexe
Phaeleh — Ghosts of Memories
Phaeleh — Untitled
Tool — Parabol
Nitin Sawhney — Nothin More
Phaeleh — Untitled
Burial — Night Bus
Autechre — Bronchusevenmx
Aphex Twin — Rhubarb
Global Communication — 9 39
Jeeroj — Ambient Seagull
Autechre — Nine
Global Communicatin — 14 31
Plaid — faceme
Boards of Canada — Beware The Friendly Stranger
Nightmares on Wax — Time (To Listen)
Phaeleh — Untitled
Memotone — The Home We Can't Go Back To
Brian Eno — An Ending (Ascent)
Phaeleh — Make You Feel
Philip Glass — Violin Concerto No1 Mvt. 2
Phaeleh — Untitled
Various Production — Deadman
Autechre — Overand
Memotone — Empty Platform
Aphex Twin — Blue Calx

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