Philip Glass - Truman Sleeps (very slow , very relaxing)

Philip Glass — Truman Sleeps (very slow, very relaxing)

Дата загрузки: 18 февр. 2012 г.// WARNING EXTREMELY RELAXING //

Programs Used: Paul's Extreme Sound Stretch // Cool Edit // Windows Movie Maker //

im not sure how much i have slowed this down but if anyone watching this video knows how to use this program i set the stretch curser bar at 15.34x (maybe 1500x slower ??)

Paul's Extreme Sound Stretch isa free program, very powerful and fun to use, so if u wanna to try it just use google ( :
because the video is over 60 mins long the file is huge so i use something called cool edit to compress the file and then i use movie maker to make the vid

you can use these songs to help you sleep if want ( :
this video is extremely relaxing ..
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