Proyecto Mirage - Steam Tech (HANDS) [Full Album]

Proyecto Mirage — Steam Tech (HANDS) [Full Album]

Опубликовано: 19 авг. 2015 г.Proyecto Mirage — Steam Tech
Released 2014-04-25 on HANDS
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1. 00:00:00 Proyecto Mirage Molrlock Ritual
2. 00:06:08 Proyecto Mirage Came to Know
3. 00:13:02 Proyecto Mirage Cold Fire
4. 00:18:13 Proyecto Mirage Evil Machine
5. 00:23:26 Proyecto Mirage Tesla Coil
6. 00:30:13 Proyecto Mirage Flying Biocopter
7. 00:36:07 Proyecto Mirage Rhythm of Locomotive
8. 00:42:57 Proyecto Mirage Pray in Binary
9. 00:48:28 Proyecto Mirage The Alchimist
10. 00:53:26 Proyecto Mirage Peg 100 Experiment
11. 01:00:36 Proyecto Mirage Smoke and Noise
12. 01:06:10 Proyecto Mirage Mecha's Attack

Spanish veterans Proyecto Mirage present their 7th album – and their most mature and atmospherically diverse effort yet. Dedicated to the history of technology the album title represents the elements that are unmistakeably Proyecto Mirage: Prompting rhythmic noise with tough beats, often blessed with Alicia’s trademark electro-clash style vocals. “Steam Tech” is assembled with a strong awareness for industrial and electro history, yet completely up-to-date in its production value, and especially the songs on the album provide an enormous crossover appeal.
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