Psychedelic Trance Mix 2015 / Superluminal ૐ

Psychedelic Trance Mix 2015 / Superluminal ૐ

Опубликовано: 6 мая 2015 г.Hi everyone!!! Here's my new psychedelic trance mix called «Superluminal»

This mix features music from the likes of Tristan, Raja Ram, Outsiders, Electric Universe, Burn In Noise, Digicult and many more !

Hope you will like !

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Tracklist :

01. Tristan & Raja Ram — Beautiful Garden (Original Mix) [NANO]
02. Electric Universe — Quasar (Original Mix) [DACRU]
03. Outsiders & Burn In Noise — Burning Out (Original Mix) [DIGITAL OM]
04. Sonic Entity — Age Assembly (Original Mix) [PLANET B.E.N.]
05. Hux Flux & Digicult — The Moksha Medicine (Original Mix) [DACRU]
06. Spirit Architect — Newborn (Original Mix) [OVNIMOON]
07. Tristan — Excitement Generator (Original Mix) [NANO]
08. Space Vision Vs Ital — Molecular Crystals (Original Mix) [GRASSHOPPER]
08. Ajja & Burn In Noise — Image Of Yourself (Original Mix) [ALCHEMY]
09. Outside The Universe — All Systems Go (Original Mix) [DACRU]
10. Avalon & Mad Maxx- The Ritual (Original Mix) [UNITED BEATS]
11. Electric Universe — Higher Modes (Original Mix) [ELECTRIC UNIVERSE]
12. Circuit Breakers — Strange Effect (Original Mix) [NANO]
13. Xerox & Illumination — Ghost In The Machine (U-Recken Remix) [HOMMEGA]

Special thanks to Pawel Wieloch, who kindly let me use his videos «Trip to Ozora !

Ozora Festival 2014 by Rave

Ozora 2013 by Rave — 2014 Warm up !

Follow Pawel on Facebook and Youtube

Other 2 Videos I used O.Z.O.R.A. 2014 Zentura by Gabor Juhasz Liquid Soul @ OZORA Festival 2011 (Official Video)

Enjoy and Thanks for listening!

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