Q-BASE 2015 | Live sets | PRSPCT: N-Vitral

Q-BASE 2015 | Live sets | PRSPCT: N-Vitral

Опубликовано: 14 нояб. 2015 г.Check out the Q-BASE 2015 live set of N-Vitral at the PRSPCT!

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The DJ Producer
Eye-D & DJ Hidden
Lucy Furr
Sinister Souls
The Panacea
Dart Host

There is a reason why Q-BASE has the highest event rating on the Q-dance calendar.
On September 18th of the year 2004, Q-dance gave birth to its first international concept: Q-BASE.
On the outskirts of the town of Weeze, just across the German border, an abandoned Royal Air Force base was claimed as a territory
for what would become a legendary day and night festival. Eleven years later, it still defends an unmatched status.
Die-hards with a refined and trained taste for hard and heavy music come together to be dragged from the light into the dark under the guidance of music.
But what makes Q-BASE so unique?

An essential and indispensable part of the experience is buried in its location.
It is a setting with an underground atmosphere and a feeling that can’t be found at any other outdoor event.
During the day, it is already a special and impressive sight to behold, yet during the night it flourishes to its fullest capacity.
Where revolution, freedom and anarchy are written in the walls, raw shaped bunkers and ammo units form dark silhouettes, connecting to rough asphalt airstrips.
From where you stand, you will see an obscure hangar through the trees and you will hear the loud sounds escaping its doors.
Once inside, you will experience its essence and become one with the vibe. Strolling around this unique terrain by night is an adventure on itself.
It is like you’re being caught in a thrilling movie script. However, it is mere reality that you find yourself in. On September 12th, Q-BASE will return.
Make sure you Lock ‘n’ Load to complete the full Ultimate Festival Experience.

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