Rennie Pilgrem and BLIM - TCR Show on Groovetech Radio (2002-07-10)

Rennie Pilgrem and BLIM — TCR Show on Groovetech Radio (2002-07-10)

Опубликовано: 20 мая 2015 г.Rennie Pilgrem and BLIM on Groovetech Radio in 2002

Rennie Pilgrem
As the son of a jazz trumpeter, Rennie Pilgrem could claim to have music in his blood! He started playing tenor saxophone in his youth immersing himself in 'black' music he formed various funk bands. In the late 80's after hearing the music coming from he Detroit scene, Rennie started to make house techno records with Rhythm Section aka Ellis Dee, Richard Thake and Nick 'Newton' Scott.

Their third release 'Comin' On Strong' was a anthem and would have charted top 40 if they'd known about 'bar codes' on records. With Ellis Dee the crowned king of rave DJs, Rhythm Section played at pretty much every main party between '90-92'. On the same bill as The Prodigy, Moby, Altern 8, Shades Of Rhythm and Bizzare Inc.

In 1993 Rennie founded TCR Recordings as a medium for putting out his own material. His first few releases were funky house with a smattering of breaks lurking in the background. Recording now as 'Thursday Club' he had a big tune with 'Thursday Theme' which was chased by Virgin. Rennie followed this up with 'A Place Called Acid' in 1995.

Rennie has remixed for a wide range of people from Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince to Freq Nasty and Arthur Baker.

Gervase pays heed to his name as being a true Boy Lost In Music. His sound is a mish-mash of the evil warped bass tones and busy drum sounds of that of drum & bass, as well as the light paddy and electro-funk of trance and breaks. His began his career as a D&B producer for S.O.U.R and Emotif Recordings. In the past few years he has slowed the tempos but sped up the pace… releasing some of the most popular nu skool breaks tunes ever. One of his legendary release was with breaks master FreQ Nasty under the name High Prime. This Marine Parade release was one of the first global nu skool tunes. B.L.I.M's most recent breakbeat project is his label, Track Recordings. The labels' debut release was by him & Chris Carter and contains the tunes " I Am a Robot" and «Check It Out». With the amount of club and air-play these tunes have been getting, Track is most definitely a label to watch for in the upcoming months.

B.L.I.M. has also moved in on the TCR front with a massive collaboration with label-owner Rennie Pilgrem entitled «Eskimo». This humungous tune was named Muzik Magazine's 'Vital Release' in August, as well as included on several major mixed albums including Tayo's Y4K, Koma & Bones' Nu Horizons 2 and Lee Burridge's Global Underground: Nu Breed. B.L.I.M. had his DJ debut as the first artist in the IZM series on TCR with his Modernizm mix. Look for his full length artist album to drop later this year on TCR.

These sets were were originally streamed in real media in the early days of online streaming radio. Unfortunately, you'll have to excuse the poor quality.

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