Robert Rich - Perpetual. A Somnium Continuum (8h Complete Masterpiece) [2014]

Robert Rich — Perpetual. A Somnium Continuum (8h Complete Masterpiece) [2014]

Опубликовано: 29 окт. 2014 г.A Somnium Continuum

The Sleep Concert has been one of the dominant threads in my musical journey through life. It marked my first solo concert ever, in January 1982, in the lounge of a Stanford University dormitory. It became a sort of trademark for me, even as I explored a range of dynamic music throughout my career.

Occasionally I feel an urge to return to this slow-motion core of my creative heart, and occasionally the world comes back to remind me that I will always be connected to sonic explorations at the edges of perception, trance consciousness, dreams, altered states, communal ritual.

I returned to making all-night music when the Unsound Festival invited me to perform a sleep concert in Krakow Poland, October 2013. This would be my first sleep concert in ten years. I decided to create new textural soundscapes to use in this performance, to reinvigorate the concept for a new generation, a new millennium. After spending at least six months developing long evolving textures for the performance in Krakow, I proceeded to hone the material into a new long-form work, a sequel to the 7-hour long Somnium from 2001.

Technical note: The Blu-ray version of «Perpetual» contains both the 8-hour «Perpetual» and the 7-hour original «Somnium.» Each is divided into three chapters, split at the most quiet moments in each piece, in order to keep file sizes under 4 Gb. The audio files are stereo 16 bit 48 kHz, using over 13 Gb of the disc for audio. The remaining 11 Gb holds highly compressed video-black, required for navigation through the disc. The download of «Perpetual» available through CD Baby is divided into ~80 minute chunks (for technical reasons due to data-entry workflow) and uses CD-resolution (16 bit 44.1 kHz) files. These should segue into each other seamlessly on your computer, although a soft click might be audible depending on the software.

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