Ryuichi Sakamoto - Music for Yohji Yamamoto (1995)

Ryuichi Sakamoto — Music for Yohji Yamamoto (1995)

Опубликовано: 25 авг. 2012 г.Ryuichi Sakamoto: Music for Yohji Yamamoto (1995)
1. Bridge
Bridge is a modern classical work for solo piano lasting over 35 minutes. It weaves itself through subtle variations of a central theme. The work begins with the mysterious and ambient soundscapes of prepared piano. It also features the soft hum of vibrations of open piano strings akin to Cowell's experimental work, The Banshee. As the mysterious air clears 5 minutes later, the first cluster of ordinary piano notes are sounded. The theme is pensive and melancholic. It builds itself into cascading notes in the upper registers of the piano, like glistening waters passing beneath a stoic bridge. The shimmering notes crescendo into a fine choral passage. It is that special moment that the beautiful heart of Bridge is revealed.

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