Sever the King - Outbreak (Full Album)

    Sever the King — Outbreak (Full Album)

    Опубликовано: 14 окт. 2014 г.Sever the King — Outbreak

    2nd full length by deathcore band Sever the King

    Written by Sever the King
    Produced, Mixed, Mastered by Aaron Chaparian of Sever the King

    00:00 Outbreak
    4:08 Aeon of Annihilation (Ft. Ben Keller ex-Villains)
    8:07 A Display of Power (Ft. Pigeon Du, John Tsilov, Charlie and Aaron Chaparian, Carmen Gumina, Jake DeZerga)
    12:32 Unstable
    16:31 The Charlatan
    20:31 The Curse
    25:18 Psychosis
    28:48 Thanatos
    32:29 Shattered World
    36:29 Voice of Sanity


    Drop G for all songs except:
    «A Display of Power» — Drop E
    «The Charlatan» — Drop F

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