The best of Camellia compilation

The best of Camellia compilation

Опубликовано: 11 февр. 2016 г.A selection of my favourite tracks produced by Camellia, very quality content.
I tried to sort the tracks starting with the milder ones, then to the chaotic and random ones, followed by the hardest ones.


(0:007:11) Rain of Amethyst

(7:2211:52) HINODE

(12:0216:45) dream transfer

(16:4021:59) Doven

(22:1127:49) [diffraction]

(27:5732:51) farewell to today

(32:5837:53) liquated

(38:0642:11) bug collection

(42:1846:40) Treaty of Peace between GlitchHop and Moombahcore

(46:4651:43) Nirvana (Camellia's «BinaryHeaven» Remix)

(51:5057:48) paroxysm

(57:521:02:11) Artificial Snow

(1:02:191:06:23) Nuclear Drive

(1:06:311:11:53) dreamless wanderer

(1:11:571:17:20) σ:for the DELTA

(1:17:361:22:01) crystallized

(1:22:061:26:05) memoryleak

(1:26:141:31:18) Racemization

(1:31:251:36:45) flying in the flow of deep-sea

(1:36:581:41:12) Phatty Influencers

(1:41:161:45:25) Fastest Crash

(1:45:341:50:21) NUCLEAR-STAR

(1:50:261:54:47) Paleolithic Period Wobble Bass

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